Improving SHIELD with ethic values

SHIELD is a company committed to conduct its business in-line with our commitments to the UN Global Compact. Our values and ethical guidelines continue to be the foundation of our company, but we also want to be perceived as a company who is defined by its values.


We do not evaluate our business partners alone on the basis of their services and prices, but also on their ethics
SHIELD wishes to work together with companies who respect equal rights and employees’ right to unionise, who do not employ children, and who trade with sub-suppliers who also adhere to these principles.

We give to the local communities
We help our stakeholders to build communities, supporting local and international organisations to build a safe and sustainable community. We give to our local community; we give support to schools, local sport clubs and to community organisations around the world. We take the responsibilities seriously that comes with being a security provider.

We conduct our business with ethics in mind
At SHIELD we conduct our business to high standards of ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, and integrity. We are all individually collectively responsible and accountable.

We commit to our stakeholders

We believe that a team of professional individuals with diverse experiences and backgrounds, working together with our stakeholders in a business that promotes respect and responsibility, is essential to our success.