SHIELD provide equality of opportunity and treatment for the purposes of eliminating discrimination based on

race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, political opinion, nationality, social origin and status, indigenous status, disability, age or other status of individuals unrelated to the individual’s ability to perform work.

SHIELD recognizes the right to join unions, to associate freely and to comply with union agreements.

We encourage our employees to take responsibility of their own, and others, to promote our business ethics, Code-of-Conduct and SHIELD Values. Our Code-of-Conduct and business ethics contains an upper level on the number of work hours per week that our employees can work, despite where they are stationed in world.

We promote to all employees to tell us if they have concerns or opinions that SHIELD should be aware of.

Child labour is not used. There is no recruitment of child labour. If any incidence of child labour is identified in the supplier’s industry and region, the supplier shall initiate, or participate in, a programme to transfer any children involved in child labour into quality education until they are no longer children.

SHIELD regards high standards of safety and health as a cornerstone of a successful business. SHIELD has a clear duty to take every reasonable precaution to maintain a safe and healthy working environment in order to avoid the possibility of injuries or putting at risk those with whom we work with and members of the public. Strict adherence to SHIELD’s Health & Safety Policy is expected of every employee.

Employees of SHIELD is treated with dignity and in accordance with the SHIELD Code-of-Conduct and ethic values of maintaining a good work environment, where we all have the responsibility to treat each other with respect and take action on matters which result in a poor working environment.