Airline Security

SHIELD offers a portfolio of products and services to secure our client’s business. We work closely with all our clients to ensure we move forward in-line with their needs as well as the changing requirements of the aviation industry.

We assist airline companies to develop and maintain contingency plans and security/safety procedures throughout the value chain of the airline.

SHIELD provides a large range of security services. Our priority is to make clients and passengers to feel safe onboard and in contact with the airline.

This involves:

–       Aircraft guarding/ search
–       Passenger profiling and security screening
–       Crew screening
–       Flight Risk & Crisis Management
–       Cargo security
–       Mobile X-ray provision
–       Travel Security
–       Training in-flight security methods
–       Audit systems and review programs

Our security team uses historic information of airline security and benchmarking with others to build a comprehensive security model that fits your company. We validate inputs and outputs internally and externally to ensure a high level of security onboard airplanes and with information exchange with authorities e.g. TSA.

Airline Security offers a range of service models based on security requirements.

The models offer:

  • Skill-based dedicated security and research teams fulfilling ongoing security needs
  • Database access to specialized resources for ad-hoc security and procedures needs
  • Periodic delivery for predefined and customized security solutions
  • Time-bound support for security projects with well-defined scope and duration
  • Access to experts to help build in-house security and safety capabilities

We tailor the right solution for you and your passengers and implement the most effective security solution in comparison to your needs. There is no security solution that is too big in relation to safety aboard aircrafts.