Airport Security

SHIELD can effectively and quickly implement security systems in accordance with international and national regulations. We work closely with the aviation sector everyday and know the challenges of the aviation industry.

Our mission is to make passengers, crew and companies to feel safe and secure. For this reason, our staff considers security their highest priority. We do also consider passenger experience and also make it a priority to make a security screening as smooth as possible and to provide the best service possible for passengers and crew.

Cost effective security solutions…

Aviation industry requires even higher demands on airports and businesses to be cost effective in a period of economic crisis. Increased marginal costs have impacted the bottom-line, and airports is looking for methods that help them to mere cost effective and still keep a high performance.

SHIELD can provide solutions that not only meet the security requirements, but also an increase in security performance that ensure a cost-effective security system.

SHIELD provides:

  • Security guards (armed and unarmed)
  • Operational centre and CCTV management
  • Passenger profiling
  • Passenger and crew screening
  • Carry-on baggage screening
  • Cargo and luggage screening
  • Airport Gate, ID and vehicle clearance check
  • Airport security training for employees
  • Contingency planning and safety guidelines

We use several levels of security in airports to ensure the security and safety of passengers, airlines and employees. We also conduct intelligence gathering and analysis, checking passenger against international watch lists, and frequently security searches at various high risk areas and more visible and invisible security measures.