Cargo Security

SHIELD offers a solution of technology and people to develop the most cost effective method to securing your cargo and transport.

The cargo system is a complex, multi-faceted network responsible for moving a vast amount of freight, express packages, and mail carried on-board passenger and all-cargo aircraft. The cargo system consists of a large, complex distribution network linking manufacturers and shippers to freight forwarders to sorting and cargo handling facilities where shipments are loaded and unloaded from aircrafts.

There are often transported large quantities of products and that constitutes a risk of theft, sabotage and terrorism, because of its value, quantity or need to companies and countries.

To counter the threat to cargo operations, cost-effective and pragmatic security controls entailing both administrative and screening procedures for the operator can be found in the following services:

  • Force Protection
  • Access control
  • Valuable goods escorting
  • Risk consultancy
  • Cargo Security training
  • CCTV systems and control centre
  • GPS Tracking
  • X-ray screening
  • Technology solutions
  • Documentation courier
  • Cargo escorting
  • Ramp Safety

Operators carrying air cargo must operate from within a secure environment, ensuring that the cargo terminal buildings and air cargo infrastructure are access controlled and protected.

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