Ground Handling Security

With airlines subcontracting Ground Handling Services to outside companies, the role of these companies within aviation security has grown exponentially.

The handling companies play a key role in day-to-day operations of both the airfield and the air operator.  As such, Ground Handling companies must incorporate relevant elements of the airport security plan and follow security guidelines of the airline(s) which they service.

SHIELD delivers a proper and comprehensive Ground Handling Security Plan which ensure safety and security of handling processes and methods that maintain the flow of processes while maintaining high security awareness around the aircraft and passengers.

We provide a flexible and adaptable team of trained and experienced Security officers.  Our team undertake all security operations required of an integrated land- and airside operation, to ensure the service provided exceeds both you and your customers’ requirements at all times.

SHIELD Provides:

  • Threat Assessment and Risk Management
  • Facility Security – Airside/Landside, Structures, Bag and baggage along with passenger handling and surveillance
  • Employee Access Control – handling of Airport ID, Challenge and Access Procedures both Airside and Landside
  • Visitor and Vendor Access
  • Vehicle Access Control procedures both airside and landside – as applicable
  • Security of Aircraft
  • Training Policy, Content and Employee Evaluation & Testing
  • Detailed Security Situation Responses
  • Monitoring and Auditing


We offer a comprehensive security analysis of the ground handling processes in your business and provide the structure and framework to meet the obligations required for proper Ground Handling Security compliance.