Armed Security Guards

SHIELD provides armed security guards to the martime industry. Protection of your staff and company vessels is a necessity when travelling thru high risk areas like the Gulf of Aden.

A Secure working environment/living facility in risk areas should be implemented for any staff that could be at risk.

SHIELD provides several protection solutions special designed for your requirements, incl. armed security teams.

We are capable of placing maritime security teams anywhere in the world within a very short time frame.

We draw our talent from NATO countries that have similar experience and a long history and experience in their fields of expertise.

SHIELD brings together state of the art technology and a highly professional, certified staff with the depth of knowledge and experience needed to provide and maintain the most advanced and reliable maritime security tailored to the needs of each respective maritime company, shipping line, ship-owner and governments served.

All international staff follows SHIELD’s Code-of-Conduct, Ethic Values and strict Rules of Engagement.

All SHIELD Maritime Security Teams knows the specifics of ship security, vessel structures, layout, ISPS, navigation lighting and collision avoidance regulations and is well prepared to defend a vessel from attack.

Our security teams have proven operational experience in the use of a variety of defensive and offensive techniques, ranging from hostile environments such as; Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean.

Key competencies include:

  • Ensuring protective measures on-board
  • Supporting crew and officers in high-risk waters
  • Familiar with the maritime working environment
  • Security related navigation skillls
  • Boarding and defensive operations
  • Security and safety drills
  • Knowledge of the ISPS Code and Standards
  • The ability to train and mentor crews
  • Best Management Practice (BMP) implementation