Counter Piracy Program

SHIELD’s comprehensive Counter Piracy solutions are industry leading, combining best practice and experience to protect your crew and assets.

From Counter Piracy consultancy and protective security in the Gulf of Aden to coastal patrols off Nigeria, SHIELD is the preferred partner in securing your trip in these high risk waters.

We are widely recognized by insurance and commercial companies as a proven supplier of security solutions.

In accordance with IMO advice, our preferred approach is to use highly trained onboard security teams, trained in counter-piracy measures.

Accelerated change…

The aim is to implement relevant maritime security measures that protects from piracy. We use deterrence in our approach when we protect clients in high risk waters; this approach aims to frighten pirates and keeps them away from vessels guarded by SHIELD.

This approach is used when dealing with maritime piracy for our clients. We minimize the risks of using deathly force due to our Rules-of-Engagement and conducting protective services in a responsible and sustainable fashion due to the UN Human Rights commitment.

Counter Piracy services:

  • Armed and unarmed security guards
  • Counter Piracy systems
  • Security awareness and personal safety
  • Best Management Practice (BMP4 measures)
  • Risk assessments and travel planning
  • Crisis Management
  • 24/7 monitering and operations support
  • Emergency response services (24/7)

Each segment of the industry faces its own specific challenges when it comes to piracy, whether the task is optimizing global transportation networks, developing innovative supply chain services or public transport master plans, or designing new market structures in the travel sector.

The Counter Piracy Program develops security solutions with clients in all the industry’s sectors and subsectors and helps to implement them.

We comply with International Maritime Organization (IMO) standards and with our own ethic values and Rules of Engagement, when it comes to our Counter Piracy solutions.