Ship Security

SHIELD offers a comprehensive portfolio of ship security services developed to assist maritime companies, crew and operators to meet the international maritime law, ISPS Code and BMP requirements.

Piracy, terrorism or other criminal acts is now a seriously threat to the international shipping industry. It requires professional maritime security practices if the exposure and risks from piracy, terrorism, theft, smuggling, stowaway and other criminal activities are to be eliminated.

SHIELD is a maritime expert in:

  • Developing on-board contingency plan
  • Meeting BMP Standards
  • Security assessment and analysis of travel routes
  • Trainning and education in protective measures on-board
  • On-board Security Audits
  • Maritime Security Guards
  • Access security
  • Delevering safety and security equipment
  • Perimeter control
  • Evacuation plans/ crowed control (cruise ships)

SHIELD can provide armed protection teams to identify the threat, defend and protect your asset. In case of an event these teams can also professionally interact with the shore-based management teams and coalition forces.

Our protection teams follow SHIELD’s code-of-conduct/ Rules of Engagement and are used in both decision-making and in the use of force.

Ship Security is a detailed diagnostic of your security onboard, consisting of:

  • Structured interviews – Conducted by SHIELD consultants with the client and other members of the maritime organization to further investigate survey findings
  • Leadership workshop – Review of survey findings and to identify areas of significant security improvement potential and ways to effectively increase security performance
  • Diagnoses to uncover root causes of security performance gaps and link these with important underlying practices that drive operations excellence
  • Implementation programs designed with recommendations to address high priority areas and root causes

We work with our customers to maintain legislative compliance, whilst minimizing the impact on day-to-day operations. We achieve this by providing the expertise and skill required to provide cost-effective security solutions and services at all times.