Analysis and Risk Intelligence

Getting the right information at the right time

Business Risk Intelligence is the capability to effectively distinguish between two types of risks:

  • The risks that must be avoided to survive by preventing loss or harm; and,
  • The risks that must be taken take to thrive by gaining competitive advantage.

The tool of intelligence is more important than ever in today’s threat environment. The threats facing companies are evolving. Threats are global, and often emanate from transnational enterprises that rely on sophisticated information. In a high risk environment, having the right information at the right time is essential to protecting corporate security.

SHIELD provides timely, accurate, and objective intelligence and analysis reports on issues from national security climate and socio-politics, to market developments and future challenges. We provide insight in all countries and regions to clients all over the world.

By emphasizing adaptability in its approach to intelligence collection, SHIELD can tailor its support to key business consumers and help them meet their needs as they face the issues of an increasing competitive world.

SHIELD provides assistance in the following areas:

Market ResearchStay ahead of the risks and adjust the company’s business to the current market situation, with SHIELD Market Research.

Socio-Political Analysis Socio-Political risks refers to the possibility that investors will lose money or make less money than expected due to social or political decisions.

Strategic Risk Forecast Strategic Risk Forecast makes a future-oriented analysis of the forces that affects corporations.

Security Climate Analysis – Security Climate provides a thorough analysis of the geographical region and criminal tendencies at any given location.