Market Research

Business managers and business developers need a complete insight into the external risks that affects their businesses.

In a world with economic crisis, changing markets, terrorism and instability, corporations face all kind of external threats that require them to stay ahead of the risks and adjust the company’s business to the current market situation.

These include macro-economic risks which are outside its control, such as conflicts, political risks which emanate from decisions taken by national governments, different legal and regulatory environments, internal and external security climate, and competitive risks which deal with the uncertainty about how competitors will react to your business strategies.

Targeted analysis…

Receive fact-based Macro Security Analysis based on a comprehensive set of informative research and in-depth knowledge of the macro environment across regions, sectors and functions.

SHIELD scans and monitors the changes in the environment for companies who need to stay ahead of the changes in the competitive environment, business segments and products.

Market Research includes:

  • Macro environment analysis
  • Assessment of market performance and evaluation of linkages of creating competitive advantage
  • Analysis of industry movement and actions
  • Identification of emerging markets and new business opportunities
  • Demographic analysis