Security Climate Analysis

Security Climate Analysis is a management tool that can identify threats, points of interest and potential risks near your locations. No matter how well you secure your individual sites, the surrounding environment may still have an impact on your operations.

Know the risks at your location…

SHIELD provides a research report for corporations and government that wants to minimize their of losses, including the risks towards the company and its employees, before entering a market or in the case of change in the security climate – harm on people and infrastructure, general liability, fraud, corruption, lawsuits, terrorism, natural catastrophes and crimes.

Security Climate Analysis is derived from an extensive data and intelligence gathering, to identify accurately the risk of natural catastrophes and personal and property crimes at any location in the world.

Security Climate Analysis provide a thorough risk assessment of the geographical region and criminal tendencies at any given location

Security Climate Analysis is used to identify and forecast the likelihood of threats occurring at our clients locations. By analyzing their locations based on SHIELD’s proven risk information, the potential of loss occurring is minimized and they can use the information to enhance their contingency planning, and become more effective when doing business with others.

Security Climate Analysis can be customized to meet your specific needs.