Socio-Political Analysis

Socio-Political Analysis is a research report that analyses the probability of our clients expected profits of loss due to political decisions, conditions, or events occurring in the country or emerging market in which they are investing.

A keen understanding of the social and political context has been proven critical to the success of development projects, especially those that are potentially controversial, and involve environmental concerns, regional politics and border issues.

A socio-political analysis can be defined as a analysis of the social, political and economic factors that shape a particular environment and how these affect the lives and opinions of those who live within it.

Socio-Political Analysis focuses on issues such as the level of support the government or a specific initiative enjoys from political parties, how it is viewed by the media and from domestic and foreign civil society. It studies the position and strategies used by opponents of the project, and the main political incentives for potential allies of the project, as well as how these challenges are communicated by the government to the people. A Socio-Political Analysis consists of:

  • Social and political analysis
  • Assessment of active and potential trade barriers
  • Labour statistics
  • Analysis of the public industry movement and actions
  • Analysis of government performance and the creation of business opportunities.