Strategic Risk Forecast

Strategic Risk Forecast makes a future-oriented analysis of the forces that affects corporations. We assist in minimizing the risks of operating in difficult and unfamiliar environments.

Strategic Risk Forecast is developed specifically to analyze subjects of particular interest to the client in question.
Strategic forecasts may be used advantageously in connection with short- and long-term investment plans.

Better business decisions…

Integrated and comprehensive forecast tools offer a reliable, fact-based understanding of where a corporation stands and where it needs to be to address critical business challenges in the future.

Strategic Risk Forecast analyses and forecasts the effects of developments on business environments and how they can affect the company’s operations, assets, infrastructure and supply chain.

Evaluate future business

Strategic Risk Forecast constantly monitors the countries where the companies operates and follows the development of countries within the political field, economic conditions, internal security climate, law change, trade barriers and cultural factors.

Strategic Risk Forecast also assesses the companies’ risks through past performance of similar cases that allow us to estimate the probabilities of future outcomes.