Crisis Management

Does your company have a contingency plan…?

A crisis is any unstable, unexpected and dangerous situation that affects companies and its assets. Crisis means ‘a testing time’ or ’emergency event’.

Crisis is an unfamiliar situation for most companies and it would disrupt the company’s normal operations and revenue would be lost.

A thoroughly prepared crisis management plan can save lives and may also save a company a considerable sum of money.

During a crisis, our consultants have the experience and know-how required to support our clients effectively and to respond to a wide range of crises (not limited to):

  • Natural disasters
  • Technological crises
  • Confrontation
  • Kidnap & Ransom (K&R)
  • Major accidents
  • Humanitarian Relief
  • Terrorism
  • Piracy

SHIELD’s experience in Crisis Management and operational excellence throughout the world and in most challenging regions, we can be entrusted with your crisis and risk management needs. We provide:

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