Crisis Management Planning

SHIELD is a leading crisis management provider and we help corporations in developing crisis plans, how to control a crisis, educating employees in crisis management and stress management so they are prepared for a crisis.

Crisis Management Plan (CMP) is a plan and guide that provides a response system that organizations use to control and contain a major crisis or emergency.

The Crisis Management Plan (CMP) is a comprehensive plan detailing the actions the executives want to be taken when a crisis strikes the organization. The plan is designed to the individual company in-line with company policy and business setup.

SHIELD assesses the threats and risks towards your company…

We assist you with the development and implementation of systems and strategies, which helps your company to manage a crisis. We also design and run simulations to test the implemented Crisis Management plan and we prepare people thru our training programs in crisis management. We help to maintain your Crisis Management organization through audits and training.

In the situation of a crisis occurring, our Emergency Response Unit have the expertise required to support our clients to effectively respond to a wide range of crisis.