Emergency Response Unit

In case of a crisis or an emergency we send our Emergency Response Unit (ERU) that will be on location within 24 hours.

Handling a crisis such as:

  • Natural catastrophes
  • Sabotage
  • Kidnap and ransom (K&R),
  • Hijacking,
  • Political detention

…or extortion etc. requires the utmost sensitivity and operational excellence.

Emergency response is one of SHIELD’s recognized strengths and this capacity has put us on the frontlines of many cases and situations—from violence to kidnapping and ransom, terrorism and response in anti-criminal/subversive operations, to economic espionage and pressure group demonstrations.

SHIELD have the equipment, supplies and Emergency Response Officers located all over the world, so we can be dispatched anywhere in the world on short notice. SHIELD also provides a kit with a wide range of inventory necessary for the start-up of an emergency program in a remote location.

Compared to the crisis and the extent of the crisis, we will send our Crisis Management consultants. Our Crisis consultants never intervene, they act exclusively as advisors, analyzing the situation and guiding clients in making the most efficient decisions and to advice in how to communicate with all those involved and explaining the likely sequence of events.