Investigate potential fraud, theft or corporate leaks…

Protect your company and be proactive in securing your assets and reputation.

SHIELD assist companies to prevent white-collar crimes, espionage, copyrights, fraud or corruption and provides professional help to control, contain and prevent these crimes.

SHIELD provides companies with the knowledge and protection of their interests.

Through investigation, we collect information, collate and analyze the information to provide as much knowledge about the company and its business areas that is or could be targeted by persons and groups’ with the capacity, willingness and ability to commit fraud or theft.

We make a tailored report with potential threats and preventions, and help you implement these measures.

SHIELD has extensive internal resources including investigators, surveillance experts and professional business investigators, and we have a wide ranging group of investigative professionals there has the ability to be at location when required.

Due diligenceInvestigate partners, subcontractors, employees etc., as well as merger and acquisition partners, before you make business with them.

TSCMSHIELD carries out Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) or debugging, for our clients worldwide.

EspionageThe risk of espionage can be minimized by establishing a good security culture in business or organisation.

Fraud and corruption We act on present threats to the company and managing potential fraud, and minimizing the risk of corruption.

Brand protection We investigate counterfeiting, leading to the closure of such operations.

Whistleblowing We take immediate action on underlying or current threats toward the company, and contain the situation in conjunction with the company to prevent information reaching the public.