Brand Protection

SHIELD protects client’s property rights all over the world. We help to manage and prevent potential threats towards company brand, copyrights and products’, also investigating counterfeiting that leads to the closure of such operations. We have over 10 years of experience in helping companies to prevent forgery and theft of trade secrets.

Keeping your image safe…

Abuse of corporate trademark and brand will result in a number of implications for the business incl.

  • Misleading consumers and loss of customer satisfaction
  • Falsely connecting corporate brands with illegal or offensive activities and exposing the organization to liability
  • Loss of profit due to changed consumer traffic there is diverted to counterfeit products
  • Authorized sellers or agents who are unaware of forgery, leads to significant financial loses and damages of customer relationships

SHIELD provides strategic and operational assistance to brand owners in designing, developing and implementing customized, brand protection solutions, including but not limited to:

  • Rapid Detection and Authentication Services
  • Risk Management and Consulting Services
  • Intellectual Property measures
  • Product Counterfeiting

Intellectual Property Protection is defined by international treaties. The treaties are administered by WIPO, UPOV, WTO and the UN.

SHIELD work consistent according to IP standard and regulations, and provides a professional guidance and consulting of company trademarks, such as products, logo, commercial property etc.