Due Dilligence

SHIELD assists you and your company to investigate partners, subcontractors, employees etc., as well as merger and acquisition partners, before you make business with them.

Protect your business…

Due Diligence describe the process by which a company or governmental institution checks the identity, background and other aspects of its future/ existing customers, partners and employees.

High quality due diligence requires careful and persistent effort by the company to identify the background and source of wealth of a person or company in question.

It’s important to uncover any conflicts of interest and assess whether the third party will be able to live up to contractual obligations.

SHIELD makes a discreet investigation of the parties involved. We make an initial report and recommendations for an overall strategy for the rest of the process.

Chose the right company…

SHIELD has over 12 years of experience with due diligence and have a strong relationships with number of authorities and financial institutions around the world, which assist with the investigation of individuals and businesses.

Our international experience and representation in the most of the world, makes it easy to provide investigative services in high risk areas. Our consultants know the culture and the territories. What distinguishes SHIELD practice is the experience and knowledge. Our consultant’s works on a daily basis in some of the most difficult countries and regions.

Prevent corruption…

A well-defined anti-corruption policy will focus on minimizing integrity-related problems, but focus isn’t enough if you want to be prepared for setbacks caused by corruption. You need systems and polices that allows you to review and investigate potential clients, partners and employees, before doing business with them.