Industrial espionage has become increasingly a issue as the market competition, corporate globalization, and some vigorous attack on the industrial interests.

Knowledge is now a fundamental basis for any business and it is important to relate to that knowledge is an attractive product on the illegal market.

It can damage a company seriously if a competitor has gained knowledge about a company’s confidential business strategies, production processes, contract negotiations and customer material.

SHIELD protects companies toward espionage and help securing its economic interests, reputation and potential – perhaps its existence.

Industrial and technical / scientific espionage by other companies or foreign countries, seeks to obtain information that could be transmitted to its own industry. These include focus on the pharmaceutical industry, environmental, biotechnology, food and information technology and “dual-use” products. Targets for industrial espionage include:

  • The development and research departments
  • Patents and know-how
  • Offer by tendering
  • Company, market and investment strategies.
  • Production processes.
  • Vendor and customer records.


Minimizing the risk of espionage …

The risk of espionage can be minimized by establishing a good security culture in business or organisation. SHIELD provides:

  • Physical security of buildings.
  • Establishment of special security zones with restricted access.
  • Ongoing control over who has access to and possession of classified documents.
  • The destruction of outdated data safely.
  • Establishment of guidelines for dealing with information and document use – including documents taken outside the company, etc.
  • Definition of security levels.