Fraud And Corruption

Corruption can pose a serious barrier towards the trade and business, the result is lost profit and lost credibility with customers and suppliers.

SHIELD assists you in ensuring that employees, partners, agents and subcontractors compliance with relevant anti-corruption legislation.

We follow international regulations…

SHIELD screening programs helps clients ensure compliance with a portfolio of regulations and legislation including, but not limited to:

  • The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act;
  • UK Bribery Act;
  • The OECD Anti-Bribery Convention and corresponding state legislation; and
  • TCD anti-corruption policy
  • The EU Third Directive on Money Laundering.

SHIELD provides the knowledge on how to publish anti-corruption standards and Codes of Ethics.  It’s necessary but not sufficient to only describe policy statements and standards, employees also need more detailed guidance on how to implement company policy.

Make a cultural change in your company…

SHIELD can assist you with following tasks:

  • Risk assessment of the company’s logistic structure and procurements
  • Analysis of present market situation (white-collar crimes, socio-political issues, risk forecast etc.)
  • Implementation of policies based on relevant national and international anti-corruption legislation.
  • Assistance to obtain relevant  permits at the authorities
  • Country information about corruption, including information about particularly exposed markets, sectors, and regions
  • Assistance with preparation of contracts and agreements in which anti-corruption is incorporated
  • Identification and screening of partners, employees, consultants, and distributors