Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Are you being bugged or monitored?

Electronic monitoring and the need to protect information is an uncontested fact in today’s business. There are many methods to obtain data but few are as effective and difficult to detect as electronic eavesdropping or ‘monitoring’.

Security vulnerabilities will hurt your business

SHIELD Risk Consulting identifies areas where the company or organization is at risk and implements a cost-effective and viable countermeasure against interceptions.

We offer:

  • Physical search of hidden surveillance equipment
  • Risk assessment of telecommunications, IT, etc.
  • Radio spectral monitoring in order to determine the electronic activity in the areas covered by the investigation
  • Power supply study to detect the presence of devices or circuits that are hidden
  • Assessment of optical equipment or high frequency “audio capture” systems can be used to intercept external

Information Security Recommendations will be made as a result of our study on physical security.

Our TSCM staffs are professional consultants with experience in the detection of concealed equipment, on-site experience in telecommunications and Information Security etc.

These different backgrounds combined with the use of technological tools makes SHIELD Risk Consulting one of the leading investigative company’s in Europe with the capability to locate hidden listening devices, hidden cameras or other communication devices.