Getting ahead of fraud and corruption…

SHIELD has extensive experience of the conditions that must be handled by implementing the whistleblower facilities in both large and small businesses. Our assistance and advice includes:

  • Development Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct
  • Company evaluation
  • Design of facilities that are in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Implementation, including training and technical support across the organization
  • Assistance with application for approval of the relevant authorities

SHIELD handles your problems…

SHIELD whistleblower hotline (also called Compliance / Ethics Hotline) ensure a swift and anonymously action on breaches of rules in an enterprise.

Our whistleblower hotline is integrated into the company’s “Code of Conduct and is in full compliance with the laws of the country that our client’s operates in.

Among the services SHIELD assists with, with a whistleblowing system, include following:

  • How should set-up be in relation to follow up on issues reported?
  • How should the company handle alerts that happen anonymously?
  • Does the company have established routines and defined procedures for dealing with reported incidents?
  • How to obtain the necessary approvals from the authorities?

Our Whistleblower system is:

  • Accessible 24 hours a day
  • Worldwide contact point
  • Operated by highly experienced consultants
  • Independent and confidential
  • Secured communications system
  • Cost-effective system