Risk Assessment

We support clients in identifying, understanding and managing risks

In this climate, companies of all kinds and sizes want robust risk management frameworks that satisfy the increasing demands of security and to contribute to better decision making and enhance security and safety performance.

It is hard to understand what impacts security and risk performance…

  • Lack of employees and management security development programs
  • Wrongful or lack of security investment
  • Failure to keep on top of and comply with existing and emerging risks
  • Systems and policies that isn’t sufficiently enough to fight off the risk of fraud, crime and sabotage

…and it is hard to implement change

  • Management often sees the security process as a ‘black box’ and lacks clarity on what to change
  • Constant change in organizations can negatively impact productivity and security
  • Success not only dependent on research but also on development and training

We assist our clients to identify, understand and manage risks and ensure an appropriate balance between risks and opportunities. Through research and analysis of the internal and external security environment, we make your business resistant towards unforeseen incidents. SHIELD assists in following areas:

Operations – SHIELD provides a 360° analysis of the entire firm’s operational environment to highlight any potential operational security issues.

SecurityWe assess security risks and uncover root causes of security performance gaps and link these with important underlying practices in the corporation.

LogisticsSHIELD identifies the risks connected with our clients transport and logistics, providing knowledge and expertise on how to assess risks and offers methods and guidance on how to respond to the different types of risks.

Enterprise – Enterprise Risk Management helps companies to build a consistent and sustainable business and to manage risks resulting from failed processes, systems, people or external events.

Audits & ReviewsCompanies can be forced to keep their security up to date and ensure that employees comply with procedures.