Audit & Reviews

Companies can be forced to keep their security up to date and ensure that employees comply with procedures.

With SHIELD’s audit program, which consist of visiting companies and reviewing their security procedures, companies can gain a complete and updated insight of its security and make adjustments or reinforce security policies.

Turn ‘failed’ security procedures into a productive outcome…

Companies need to raise the security profile and they can do that in four main ways: Through implementation of security policies, through good communication, security training and security audits.

Security Audits and Reviews approach employs a robust proven methodology to optimize an organization’s security and keeps them updated with all new rules and safety procedures.

Through monitoring and updating of security policies, the company will achieve a higher productivity as it ensures employee safety, security and productivity.

Professional Audits and Reviews…

SHIELD makes unannounced inspections and issues a report to the company about its security procedures and any recommended changes in procedures.

Our staff will undertake a comprehensive and independent review of the companies’ security policies, structures and processes to ensure they are effective in dealing with threats

SHIELD’s Security Audit is a systematic evaluation of the security of a company’s security system by measuring how well it performs to a set of established criteria.