Operational Risks

SHIELD provides a 360° analysis of the entire firm’s operational environment to highlight any potential operational security issues.

Operational Risk Management helps companies to develop or review its security policies and its operations throughout the internal value chain.

Operational Risk Management is used to mitigate operational risks, including the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed operational processes. Diminishing returns as the result of inadequate scale-of-plant or failed security and safety procedures.

Get a comprehensive and detailed operational risk assessment…

We examine and analyse the company’s operational processors to determine potential security risks. Labor and production processing are identified and assessed in accordance with corporate policies to create a secure and safe environment for employees.

Develop and implement security policies…

We assist companies to identify underlying risks and practices that drive differences in its operations and create an action plan for improvement.

SHIELD makes implementation programs designed with recommendations to address high priority areas and helps to develop/ update security policies.