Security Assessment

The changing security landscape and the increasing threats means that companies must establish or update its security processes to safeguard both physical and valuable assets.

Threat and Risk Analysis will effectively help you and your business to protect employees, property and minimize damage costs, provide more effective use of resources, improve security effectiveness and readiness.

Our risk consulting professionals assist our clients to identify and characterize security risks that relates to the company infrastructure.

We make risk assessments and uncover root causes of security performance gaps and link these with important underlying practices in the corporation.

SHIELD offers a full range of services that assist with mitigating risks, responding to incidents and preventing the exploitation of vulnerabilities. Services offered include:

  • Risk assessment processes: risk analysis, review of existing safety & security structure, safety awareness, security & safety systems, access control and ID, and threat management
  • Response activities: incident management, security design and system, crisis management, forensics and audits

SHIELD consulting professionals have in-depth and on-site experience helping companies to deploy effective risk management closely aligned to business processes so that security policies and systems can become embedded in day-to-day activities.