Advanced Travel Membership

Advanced Membership is an expanded edition to Basic Travel Membership and provides companies with proactive, customized assistance for business travellers and expatriates. The online system also integrates the company’s security/crisis plans and risk management programs into the solution.

The service is customized to how your business operates. Through a state of the art online system, you get access to security professionals who are fully briefed on your business, your operations and security/crisis policy and procedures.

Advanced Membership also provides:

  • Assistance in response to emergency situations, such as criminal acts, terrorist events, instability, conflict and natural disasters
  • Evacuation of personnel in times of increased threat if required and requested
  • Integration of crisis/contingency plans and policies
  • Activation of your crisis management team in-line with company procedures
  • Monitoring each country and assesses changes in security climate and activate evacuation procedures if necessary
  • Crisis Management advisors during a crisis, supporting with advice and guidance to contain and minimize losses

Get early warnings…

Early Warning System (EWS) is a subscription-based security product with a built-in alert system.

Subscribers receive security-related information by Email and SMS in situations where existing or expected events could lead to major financial losses or fatalities. This may relate to acts of war, terrorist attacks, coup d’états, natural disasters or other events that call for an increased level of security.

EWS is adapted to the individual requirements of subscribers. Each client will therefore only receive warnings when we obtain vital news they should be informed of.

Travel Care SHIELD offer companies a package of travel security support services for managers and travellers.