Basic Travel Membership

SHIELD provides a daily updated information and analysis on more than 200 countries and over 300 cities worldwide, our online services assist travellers to have the latest updates and developments on countries, regions and cities.

Know your destination…

SHIELD Travel Online gives you up-to-date reports and analysis of the latest emerging travel security threats and international security issues. We analyze and forecast the effects on travel security on more than 200 countries and over 300 cities online. Clients also have communication access to our team of global analysts that ensures that urgent security updates is delivered to our clients by email and by phone (SMS, Hotline and app.).

Our analysis is developed and published by professional security experts. They are unbiased, independent and safety focused.

SHIELD Travel Online features a risk rating system, including an interactive map for comparison of risk ratings between and within countries.

It also provides personal safety “How to Guides” which include:

  • Before You Go Checklist and Guide
  • At Traffic Terminals Guide
  • Onboard Security Guide (includes airplanes, busses, trains and ferries).
  • Getting Around
  • Theft and Fraud Prevention Guide
  • Kidnapping and Prevention Guide
  • Natures Hazards Guide

With an login to our travel database you can view our latest analysis and updates on over 200 countries and 300 cities. Get a small insight in information’s provided to our clients, see ourNEWS page for information on the very latest international developments.

Advanced Travel Membership Provides you with travel security support online and access to experienced security consultants who are fully briefed on your business structure, operations and security/crisis policy and procedures.