Shield Travel Online

SHIELD provides an online travel database with daily security information’s and updates on over 200 countries and 300 cities around the world. Our online service is used by travelers, expatriates and companies and provides them with the latest security information’s of countries, regions and cities. The information’s is provided by our online systems, email and hotline access to our global team of analysts’.

Travel advice is provided by teams of regional security analysts’ supported by a 24-hour team of security consultants in our Travel Security Office.

SHIELD Travel Online is a valuable tool for managers and employees throughout the organization and it assists with travel planning, emergency response and contingency planning.

Basic Membership and Advanced Membership…

We offer individuals and companies with a portfolio of updated travel security information’s. With different subscriptions we can provide assistance to small/ large companies and individuals.

With an login to our travel database you can view our latest analysis and updates on over 200 countries and 300 cities. Get a small insight in information’s provided to our clients, see our NEWS page for information on the very latest international developments.

Need of assistance please contact our office.

Basic Travel Membership– We provide travel security support thru online access, by email and by phone (SMS, hotline and app.). You can view the latest analysis and updates on over 200 countries.

Advanced Travel Membership Provides you with travel security support online and immediate access to experienced security consultants who are fully briefed on your structure, operations and security policy and procedures.