Travel Care

SHIELD offer companies a package of travel security support services for business travelers and expatriates. Our Travel Care provides companies with travel security support and training in travel security.

At SHIELD, we know that most business travellers and stationed employees is looking forward to travelling abroad to represent their company. We also know that they and their families are often concerned about the potential risks connected with a business trip or foreign placement – such as crime, war, riots, natural catastrophes, socio-political instability, kidnapping, acts of terrorism, etc.

Knowledge saves lives…

The program includes instructions on precautionary measures against assault, theft, robbery, hotel security, safeguarding values abroad, geographically determined risks, anti-kidnapping measures, and tips regarding contact with the local population.

The aim of the program is to increase the safety of each participant by teaching him/her how to foresee and avoid potentially dangerous, demanding or unpleasant incidents whilst abroad.

Fell safe…

SHIELD provides a tailored travel security program for clients, supporting them in all aspects of their deployment. Travel Care helps our clients to assess the risks and key threats in the countries or regions they are travelling to, help them plan for their travel and prepare them to react effectively in an emergency. During the course we identify and assess the risks that business travellers may become subject to abroad.


  • Greater focus on the work to be done when anxiety is replaced by knowledge
  • The company displays a sense of responsibility to its employees
  • Employees are prepared for and trained in various security procedures that enable them to take appropriate action in critical situations
  • The company and its employees acknowledge the risk; as a result, proactive precautions are taken in regards to both media and the board of directors to maximize employee security