Aerospace and Defence

SHIELD provides a wide range of aviaiton security solutions, which assist our clients to comply with the requirements of security legislations, and thereby ensure a safe and secure environment for passengers and stakeholders.

In addressing the evolving threat to civil aviation, SHIELD relies on its long-term experience in successfully designing and implementing security programs for the industry.

We understand that the aviation industry faces new issues as a result of the recent global economic crisis, increased running costs, reduced passenger and the increasing threat of terrorism. We also understand that the industry are looking for costs and price-cutting initiatives that affects the bottom line, and ways that offers more while spending less.

SHIELD knows the biggest threats towards the industry – and the risks of ignoring them.

Our services include:

Business fraud and corruption – We offer a range of fraud and anti-corruption consultancy services to assist with the prevention of fraud and corruption through fraud awareness, anti-corruption policies and procedures, and training programmes. We also carry out complex fraud and asset investigations on behalf of our clients.
Aviation Security – There are new threats and new methods which expose the aviation industry to new heights of security procedures and safety requirements. With SHIELD’s Aviation Security, you can get the best security solutions in aviation and airport security.
Security Services – we offer technical security services and sophisticated management of security strategy in places where security is linked to broader issues of performance
Crisis Management –  SHIELD’s experience in Crisis Management and operational excellence throughout the world and in most challenging regions, we can be entrusted with your crisis and risk management needs
Emergency Response Unit – Emergency response is one of SHIELD’s recognized strengths and this capacity has put us on the frontlines of many cases and situations—from violence to kidnapping and ransom, terrorism and response in anti-criminal/subversive operations, to economic espionage. SHIELD contains the crisis and securing your business
Travel security – equips travellers with the tools necessary to identify risks, monitor threats and respond to incidents as they arise