Financial Institution

Our service provided to the financial sector helps our clients to be secure and achieve a sustainable, profitable growth. We deliver independent, fact-based security and risk solutions to the strategic, operational, and technological issues that financial firms face today.

We offer a wide array of services that are specifically designed for financial institutions in the banking, securities, insurance, investment management and real estate industries. We have professional individuals with diverse financial experiences and financial backgrounds, who bring both industry insight and security solutions designed to the financial sector.

SHIELD provides:

Business fraud and corruption– We provide anti-corruption consultancy services and investigation of white-collar crimes to assist with the prevention of fraud and corruption, also, we provide through fraud awareness, anti-corruption policies and procedures, and education in anti-corruption.

Whistleblowing – We take immediate action on underlying or current threats toward the company, and contain the situation in conjunction with the company to prevent information reaching the public.

Analysis and Intelligence – Providing the financial industry with intelligence and analyses of governance and security issues, around the world.

Security Services – SHIELD help banks and financial institutions in designing their security systems, and we provide security services all over the world.

Travel security– Equips business travelers and expatriates with the tools necessary to identify threats, monitor risks and respond to incidents as they arise.

Due Diligence – Investigate partners, subcontractors, employees etc., as well as merger and acquisition partners, before you make business with them.