SHIELD is a long-standing leader in providing governance, risk management advisory and security services to the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies are facing unprecedented risk challenges, and the risk of fraud and theft is increasing in the industry. The scope of these challenges, like the industry itself, has grown global – and so have the attendant risks.

We offer ways of addressing security issues, drawing on our experience and global knowledge, our proven capabilities in risk management, security management, logistics, information security, assurance, governance and security systems.

Our services include:

Business fraud and corruption – We offer a range of fraud and anti-corruption consultancy services to assist with the prevention of fraud and corruption through fraud awareness, anti-corruption policies and procedures, and training programmes. We also carry out complex fraud and asset investigations on behalf of our clients.
Security Services – we offer technical security services and sophisticated management of security strategy in places where security is linked to broader issues of performance
Crisis Management – SHIELD’s experience in Crisis Management and operational excellence throughout the world and in most challenging regions, we can be entrusted with your crisis and risk management needs
Travel security – equips travellers with the tools necessary to identify risks, monitor threats and respond to incidents as they arise
Whistleblowing – We take immediate action on underlying or current threats toward the company, and contain the situation in conjunction with the company to prevent information reaching the public.
Brand Protection – We can assist in the prevention of product diversion and the theft of trade secrets we manage potential threats and investigate counterfeiting, leading to the closure of such operations.