The telecom industry never stands still. Operators constantly reinvent themselves in the search of sustainable competitive advantage. Technological innovation and the revolution in communications it has created, is bringing both opportunity and risk in the telecom and media marketplace. The risks towards the industry are multiplying and revenue opportunities are expanding and becoming more complex.

Our services include:

Risk Consulting – We support governments in identifying, understanding and managing risks and help ensure an appropriate balance between risks and opportunities

Security Services – SHIELD offers effective and efficient support services to clients throughout the world. We have experience in tailoring security solutions and services to the oil, gas and energy industry

Crisis Management – SHIELD’s experience in Crisis Management and operational excellence throughout the world and in most challenging regions, we can be entrusted with your crisis and risk management needs

Emergency Response Unit – Emergency response is one of SHIELD’s recognized strengths and this capacity has put us on the frontlines of many cases and situations—from violence to kidnapping and ransom, terrorism and response in anti-criminal/subversive operations, to economic espionage. SHIELD contains the crisis and securing your business

Analysis and Intelligence– We provide an understanding of the tactical and strategic success factors for media and telecommunication companies, including regulatory and political risks, social and reputational issues and security concerns

Travel security – equips travellers with the tools necessary to identify risks, monitor threats and respond to incidents as they arise