Security Management

Maintaining vigilance in high risk areas is imperative for businesses that wants to mitigate threats towards the company infrastructure, people and brand, and it requires a proactive approach. You have to react after the fact but you also have to be proactive in making security a priority.

Preparation, anticipation, and diligence help to keep an organization safe and secure.

SHIELD provides a range of specialist security personnel to assist securing our clients people, assets and property, and minimize threats.

SHIELD’s portfolio of Security Services:

Close ProtectionSHIELD provides a full range of close protection, bodyguard and executive protection services

Event SecuritySHIELD can supply the security team and security infrastructure for your event

Force ProtectionForce Protection are protective operations conducted in high risk, non-permissive environments such as active combat zones, disaster areas and areas of civil unrest.

Supply Chain Security SHIELD helps to reduce risks to people and cargo within the supply chain.

SHIELD security professionals have in-depth and on-site experience from all over the world. We protect organisations and ensure that our security operations are closely aligned to our client’s business processes so that production, operations, and management is unaffected.

Offering the full spectrum of manpower and expertise, you can trust us to deploy the most appropriate security solution to meet your needs, leaving you to focus on your business.

SHIELD provides security services and information that complies with national and international regulation and governing body directives.

We carefully evaluate and screen all candidates to ensure that only professionals are selected for SHIELD’s security projects. All our international staff follows Shield’s Code-of-Conduct and Ethic Values.