Close Protection

SHIELD provides close protection and executive protection services in all parts of the world. With our international presence and experience, we minimize the pre-planning process and avoiding any potential risks or inconveniences for our clients.

Close protection provides executive protection service to help ensure the security of important executives, especially when they are travelling to unfamiliar countries, working on projects, or attending events where they may attract unwanted attention.

Our close protection officers are trained and educated to provide our clients with a high level of protection while imposing minimal interference in their day-to-day life. Our close protection officers are all highly trained and experienced professionals who operate under SHIELD’s Code-of-Conduct and Rules-of-Engagement.

Our approach and close protection service:

  • Providing the essentials for a full protective service (GPS tracker, vests etc.)
  • Arrangements for armored vehicle and driver for the duration of the stay
  • Check hotel accommodation
  • Meet the client at the airport and remain with them until they safely depart the country

Close Protection package also provides:

  • Monitoring Using GPS Hardware for Personnel, Vehicle and Aircraft
  • Armed Protective Services
  • Overt and Covert Protective Details
  • Perimeter Security
  • Entry Control Point Management
  • Integrated Indigenous and Expat Teams
  • Close Local Coordination

SHIELD have developed many procedures and protocols employed by close protection units around the world. Our protective consultant team consists of prior bodyguards, intelligence officers, Navy Seals etc.

We carefully screen and evaluate all close protection officers to ensure only the highest-caliber individuals are selected for SHIELD’s security projects. All our international staff follows Shield’s Code-of-Conduct and Ethic Values.