Event Security

Events or large gathering of people is a potential target for criminals, hooligans, extremists or other criminal activists, and is motivated by emotions or political aims.

Protect your event…

Events have to controlled and managed from a security perspective and organizers must address the problem with the lack of security to such events.

SHIELD can supply the security team and security infrastructure for your event.
SHIELD has experience of providing security for a variety of events. We have hosted the security infrastructure to many public and governmental events.

Know the requirements…

Our security consultants will work closely with the company, government or organization, to conduct the risk assessment and provide advice on those security measures that need to be implemented to mitigate the risk of disruption.

We provide an analysis of the event describing the level of personnel required to perform a proper handling of security, and the amount of equipment required to perform the task.

Compared to the scale and magnitude of the event you will be able to choose from several packages of security levels as appropriate to the task.

SHIELD’s prioritize is security and safety of the people involved and is a major aspect of any event. We believe our multi-functional operatives backed by both operational experience and industry qualifications are the backbone to our professional service.