Force Protection

Protection of your staff and company facilities/compound(s) etc. are many times a must for your company and business. Safe work environment/living facilities in risk areas should be implemented for any staff that could be at risk.

SHIELD provides several Force Protection solutions special designed for your requirements, incl. security guards.

Force Protection are protective operations conducted in high risk, non-permissive environments such as active combat zones, disaster areas and areas of civil unrest.

Force Protection covers all of the security requirements for a client operating within a hostile and non-permissive environment.

Our product offering is bespoke for each client; our teams of security officers undertake a wide range of complementary duties, from patrolling a building, Gate Control, Security escort, surveillance etc.

We can integrate any electronic security product you need into a complete, tailored solution to meet your security needs.

We can offer the highest quality security solutions to address your security needs, whatever your requirement.

Our security consultants work with clients from the inception of a project through to completion of a security product.

We assess the threats to the company, its employees and the key operational requirements of the facilities.

We ensure installed security systems meet design intent and implemented according to company standards.

Force Protection includes:

  • Facility Security such as Gate Control (Check Point Management), Vehicle search, Mobile Patrols and Quick Reaction Force, Surveillance (CCTV),
  • Convoy Security Detail – providing security to supply and transport groups moving between locations.
  • Close Protective Escort – providing armed close protection details to individuals who are considered “high value targets”.