Supply Chain Security

SHIELD security consultants assist companies to enhance security measures throughout their global supply chain and to assess compliance with both international and client security recommendations. SHIELD helps to reduce risks to people and cargo within the supply chain. We address potential security issues at all stages of the supply process, thus targeting threats such as terrorism, fraud and piracy.

SHIELD consultants facilitate trades and the transport of goods across borders. We help organizations to increase awareness and implement measures in the supply chain that focuses on security vulnerabilities at operational and strategic levels, and to develop preventive actions plans.

We continually assess our clients logistic security measures to ensure protection of business interests, and compliance with international regulatory requirements.

Supply Chain Security activities provide:

  • Implementation of Supply Chain Security Standards
  • Background check of participants in the supply chain.
  • Screening and validating of the contents of cargo being shipped.
  • Securing cargo while in-transit.
  • Inspecting cargo on entry.
  • Secure Warehousing

Supply chain security can only be achieved by looking at supply chains in total, and not by focusing on individual links in isolation. Securing the supply chain involves the securing of every link along the chain, creating a chain of responsibility that extends beyond that of each individual links.