Security Systems

SHIELD is your preferred partner in designing your security systems…

SHIELD is offering customized and scalable solutions for facility security, communications and collaboration that are flexible, reliable and affordable.

We offer a range of innovative, high-quality services and systems for security, communication and safety. Our security systems have intelligent functionality and modular concepts that grows with our clients requirements.

…all of which are designed to minimize your lifetime cost of ownership.

We have experience in fully integrated security solutions that can be easily managed from a single platform.

With SHIELD integrated security solutions you will always feel safe.

Security DesignOur security design group helps you plan, design, and implement technical and physical security infrastructure.

Access and Perimeter ControlWe provide client-specific solutions for access control and all areas of perimeter and building protection, including CCTV and specialist technical needs.

Technical Surveillance CountermeasuresSHIELD carries out Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) or debugging for our clients worldwide.

Information Security SHIELD helps you to create the foundation for an effective approach to IT security throughout the enterprise.

SHIELD works with project teams, owners, architects and developers when designing and building security measures into buildings, areas and other facilities. We can provide assistance in all phases of the project.

SHIELD is used for corrections, airports, compounds, power stations, ports and other critical infrastructure.