Security Design

Your infrastructure should support your organisation’s security needs, and with SHIELD to assist you in designing your facilities you achieve the very best protection of people and business.  Our consultants work with project teams, managers, constructers and architects to implement effective security measures into the building designs from the first phase of a project and after construction. Our security design team helps you plan, design, and implement technical and physical security infrastructure.

Our method is divided into two security solutions, before construction and after construction.

Before construction…

Before construction means that SHIELD advices on constructing projects of buildings or facilities still at the design stage where companies need us to assist them in designing the best security conditions before they start building. This includes:

  • Asses designs and drawings, and incorporate security measures
  • Design security measures into construction plans
  • Evaluate tender applications and suppliers
  • Review of the constructed security measures
  • Tailor security and infrastructure work-flows to meet customer specific business processes
  • Audit and review of installed security systems

After construction…

SHIELD advice clients in designing their security system suited to office buildings and needs. We are working to ensure that the company’s core of employees, managers, information and brand is protected. This includes:

  • Integration and engineering of a unified security framework
  • Design of access and perimeter control
  • User-controlled security solutions customized to company requirements
  • User logs and monitoring of database information
  • Surveillance and Monitoring
  • Security Management
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Measures against natural catastrophes
  • Protective areas
  • Force Protection