About Specialist Consulting

Represented by SHIELD

Specialist consulting represents companies providing managerial capital, administrative and operational process support in some of the world’s most high risk and dangerous countries. While your management concentrates on enhancing the core business, our skilled professionals focus on representing and operating your business in high risk areas. We perform these functions efficiently and cost-effectively, using a broad knowledge of business processes and management experience.

These resources not only enhance our ability to help clients with their managerial, financial and business outsourcing, but also assist them in selecting local partners/agents and business setup; human capital (management), strategy & growth, corporate social responsibility; writing policies and procedures; setup of production and logistics; and, building a competitive foundation in the market.

Our Specialist Consulting Program provides a special designed set-up for your company in a specific area or country, where you yourself, as a business, cannot travel to due to the security situation, your current company policy etc. SHIELD can represent you and assure that all your company policies and requirements are met, on-location. Ethical rules such as anti-corruption procedures and corporate responsibility is implemented and followed by SHIELD staff, to create a sustainable business for our clients.

SHIELD conducts your business…

Specialist Consulting Program assists companies to build their businesses in high risk areas, by taking a Risk Intelligent and Security Management approach we are managing your operational, technological and administrative operations.

This approach helps clients to focus on their areas of businesses and to effectively manage operations across organizational and legal boundaries, and pursue not only profit, but an increase in market share as a means to value creation. SHIELD priorities:

  • Customer relationships and branding
  • Vendor relationships and logistics
  • Joint venture, alliance & other relationship (partners, agents etc.)
  • Business Management