SHIELD assists clients to design, develop and implement a Corporate Social Responsibility policy in all parts of the business. We help optimizing governance and organization skills, to make commitment to CSR systems and policies throughout the entire organisation.

Sustainability is arguably the greatest challenge of our generation and the next. The question of how to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs has important environmental, economic, and social dimensions.

Without effective CSR policy and governance, the organisations sustainability strategy would be on the edge of failure.

Effective CSR is achieved through awareness and communication to stakeholders.

Employees has to be aware if they are conducting business that it is illegal or not in-line with company standards, if an anti-corruption policy is to succeed when operating in risk areas. Also, stakeholders must be informed about the implemented CSR policy, ethic values and Code-of-Conduct, if they also are to be motivated to change when conducting business with you.

SHIELD provides development and organisational services for all facets of the sustainability include:

  • UN Global Compact
  • Executive consultancy
  • Development and testing of codes of ethics and conduct
  • Policy and performance system, including supply chain policies regarding environmental and labor practices, systems for improving energy consumption practices, whistleblower systems, etc.
  • Educational workshops for both technical knowledge and broad awareness on climate change, anti-corruption, biodiversity, and other sustainability issues
  • Development of stakeholder engagement programs
  • Life-cycle analysis of services and products