SHIELD assist in supporting and deploying business functions in some of the world’s most dangerous areas, e.g., HR, operations, logistics, finance, IT, legal. We provide a unique set of professionals, tools and techniques to help clients in supporting business operations in risk areas. Some of SHIELD’s experiences:

  • Finding and establishing contact with local partners/agents
  • Hiring employees (background check, due diligence etc.)
  • Import/export regulations and transport
  • Finance centre and audit partners
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Property and housing (work and living facilities)
  • Security Service
  • Management

We work directly with the executive management, regional managers and frontline employees, to ensure a sustainable business operation in high risk countries.

SHIELD consultants will throughout the business operations process, support the company with their experience, method, process, knowledge and insight within the specific solution, and coach management to achieve success with the solution.

Our consultants approach in the individual project will always be in accordance to present situation of the company.