SHIELD assists companies in stabilising or reconstructing their company in risk areas. The threat of terrorism, natural disasters, disruptive technologies, new competitors, rapid market changes, strategic errors or civil unrest, can result in huge financial losses and could result in a corporate exit.

SHIELD’s highly skilled stabilisation teams can be deployed within a short timetable, to support companies in risk countries and areas.

Our business stabilisation consultants are highly valued by our clients due to their ability to quickly gain control, stabilise, cooperate with company employees, develop sustainable programs, and implement them within a short time frame. Our experienced professionals offer advice and operational services, from reconstructing plans and turnarounds to optimized exit strategies. SHIELD has been a preferred partner in;

  • Reconstruction
    For companies who have been exposed to an attack or incident which has resulted in a deterioration of the company. We provide reconstruction solutions developed to restore business operations and assets. We thoroughly investigate and asses all options in order to develop a plan of actions in corporation with management, employees and other stakeholders and to mobilize the resources required for an effective implementation.
  • Business Regeneration
    For underperforming companies. Our experienced consultants assist underperforming businesses to design and implement regenerative programs in high risk areas. This could involve moving forward on— stabilisation and stakeholder communication, crisis intervention, reducing working capital and generating quick wins.
  • Corporate Exit
    a quick withdrawal or exit from a country, region, market or brand, requires you to recover and move high value assets quickly to minimize losses. SHIELD assists our clients in exiting (evacuation) by executing a highly controlled exit plan. Our proven methodology insures a swift and protective exit that has minimum delays and obstacles.