Advanced Airport Security

Advanced Airport Security (AAS) is a continuation of our Basic Airport Security course and is designed for supervisors and managers in airport security. The course provides the tools to implement relevant aspects of airport security programmes and to improve the course participants in risk assessment and basic supervision.

The program is designed to educate security personnel at managerial level to plan, implement and coordinate the application of airport security procedures, standards and policies in accordance with international regulations and standards.

Benefits of SHIELD’s Advanced Airport Security (AAS) Course

  • Improvement of airport security management in the supervision of airport security preventative measures
  • Develop management skills in airport security and safety
  • Work towards reduction of the costs of implementing airport security measures
  • Understand the concepts of asset protection, risk management and threat assessment
  • Establish a means of effective communication with personnel and stakeholders
  • Understand best practices throughout the aviation industry relating to airport security
  • Adopt concepts leading to greater customer satisfaction
  • Get control of PAX-flow and learn to improve flow thru checkpoints

Designed For

  • Managers or supervisors from airport operators
  • Airport service providers
  • Airline security management personnel
  • Representatives from authorities for aviation security
  • Police in relations to the aviation
  • Border control and customs agencies
  • Armed forces representatives involved in airport security operations
  • Aviation security contract management

Course Content

  • The Threat to Civil Aviation
  • Security Management
  • Responding to a security incident
  • Aviation Crisis Management
  • Development of airport emergency plans and manage the security response action
  • Security equipment and technology
  • Development of aviation security programmes and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Ground Security Measures
  • Passenger Terminal Security Measures
  • Passenger Baggage Security Measures
  • Security for air cargo, catering and stores
  • Counter Terrorism Measures
  • Security zones
  • Risk Management and Risk Analysis
  • Crowd control
  • ICAO regulations and standards in the aviation industry
  • Quality Control, audits, inspections and tests

Assessment by: Written and practical test