Airline Security Operations

The course is addressed to decision makers in the airline company and to people with links to airline systems. Participants learn to manage and implement effective security programmes in the airline companies and how to identify threats towards airlines and its operations.

Benefits of SHIELD’s Airline Security Operations (ASO) Course

  • Enhance your current aviation security knowledge
  • Be better prepared to respond to an emergency
  • Analyse the threat level against civil aviation and evaluate the risks against your airline
  • Plan, coordinate and implement effective preventive measures
  • Increase awareness of potential threats
  • Ensure that all requirements relating to the security of each flight are adequately monitored

Designed For

  • Airline security supervisors and managers
  • Airline executives and board-of-directors
  • Passenger Managers
  • Ground Handlers and operations managers
  • Law enforcement officers and government representatives

Course Content

  • The Threat to Civil Aviation
  • Airline related case studies
  • Legislative requirements of aviation security
  • Surveillance onboard airplanes, operations centre and office spaces
  • Contingency planning
  • Crisis Management – threat evaluation, risk analysis and crisis team
  • Crime prevention and crime in the aviation industry
  • Design and implement operational/security procedures in an international airport
  • Counter terrorism measures
  • Security Management
  • Responding to a security incident
  • Aviation Crisis Management
  • Developments of airline emergency plan and manage the security response action
  • Security equipment and technology

Assessment by: Written and practical test