Aviation Security Awareness

SHIELD assists with training and educating of personnel to improve security within the aviation industry and its employees and to enable the aviation company to live up to the security requirements stipulated by authorities and business partners.  Awareness is important to identify and nominate potential threats to the security at the airport and to proactive be aware of possible security threats in and around high risk areas.

Course participants will be equipped with tools that help them to know threats towards the aviation and identify potential security risks.

Benefits of SHIELD’s Aviation Security Awareness (ASA) Course

  • Acquire knowledge, techniques and skills to identify and prevent security threats
  • Development of methods to passenger profiling and control
  • Cost-effective methods of tighten security without increasing the cost to airlines and airports

Aviation Security Awareness course is in some countries, a mandatory requirement for anyone needing to be issued with a full pass permitting unescorted access to the Restricted Zones at airports.

Designed For

  • New employees and airport/airline security guards
  • Government representatives involved in Security, Customs and Immigration
  • Airline security management personnel
  • Companies involved in airport operations
  • Representatives from authorities for aviation security
  • Armed forces representatives involved in airport security operations
  • Aviation security executives
  • Law enforcement personnel involved in airport operations

Course Content

  • The threat to aviation
  • Aims of the terrorist
  • Why civil aviation
  • Passenger profiling and profiling systems
  • Objectives and organisations of aviation security
  • Air/land-side protection and access control
  • Prohibited articles
  • Recognising suspicious items
  • What makes you suspicious?
  • Actions on discovering prohibited or suspicious articles.

Assessment by: Written and practical test